Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Stories Goes Live!

Welcome to the Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Stories website which will hopefully give you some laughs and chuckles and is something a bit different to dip into. This post will be the first of many regular updates on the whole Stumpy project, which really kicks off at full throttle with the podcast launch in October of the stories.

I thought it would be good fun to put these stories into podcasts as this will be an entirely different way of delivering rather than the way I used to perform some of them on stage. Whilst I therefore won’t be telling the stories in anything like the way I did then (i.e. leaping about and acting everything out in full ‘thespian-type’ mode), they will still have a very live feel to them.  I am a great fan of trying to capture the moment and spirit of something in one take and keeping everything as fresh, spontaneous, and different as possible. As an old punk I try to follow the DIY philosophy of production.  

I’m therefore thinking and hoping the narration of the stories may turn out to be something like an ‘alternative Jackanory’, ‘alternative Ronnie Corbett in the chair’ or ‘alternative fireside chat’, not only for old punks and 1970s dudes and groovers, but for anyone who may like to hear of Stumpy and friends’ outlandish exploits from that defining decade when signs such as ‘Keep Out’, ‘Do Not Touch’, and ‘Danger Of Death’ acted as magnets to boys like us.

The podcasts and the stories will of course be absolutely free to subscribe to as this is just about having some laughs and fun and bringing a bit of cheer.

Before the stories launch in October, there may also be various teasers and trailers so please keep watching this News page for updates. 

See you soon and saddle up…