Developments & Further Discoveries

Some exciting news is that Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Stories now has its own Instagram account so you will now be able to see some more zany stuff from Stumpy and friends.

Also, the transcription of the stories from ‘The Scrawls of Stumpy’ continues apace, including the startling discovery of further materials and texts concealed within some East German microfiche which had been affixed to the inside of an old Bar Six wrapper. Two new stories have been discovered, ‘HMS Puffer’ and ‘The Great Freight Train Adventure’, which will be added to the podcast roster. It is highly likely that that great Communist mastermind, Stephen Brookman, had helped Stumpy transfer and store these works in this manner.

Other developments include the initial rehearsals and recordings of Stumpy’s songs by Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Acoustic Archive taking place at Piglet Barn Home Recording Studios. These sessions are just the first as there are a large number of songs to work through. The songs are being played and recorded as Stumpy wrote and intended them – acoustic and raw and in the spirit of punk rock.

Keep watching for further updates and keep riding those Raleigh Choppers….