Live Dates, New Radio Show Info, And New Look YouTube Channel

Wow! – There’s some very exciting stuff going on in the world of Stumpy Sanderson in ’23.

Firstly, Stumpy and gang are on the road with the following live storytelling performances, including the new addition of an appearance at the North Walsham ‘Rite of Spring’ Festival in May.

Live dates are:

  • Thu 4th May – North Walsham ‘Rite of Spring’ Festival (Shambles Cafe Bar & Bistro in North Walsham). This will be a songs and story performance by Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Acoustic Archive.
  • Fri 9th Jun – Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich
  • Sat 17th Jun – North Walsham Community Centre*

(* The North Walsham Community Centre show is a fundraiser for Poppyland Radio).

For ticket and entry details for all these events, please email

There is also an appearance on Thu 22nd Jun at the Caddington Local History Group.

On the Poppyland Radio front, the Stumpy Sanderson’s ‘70s Stories show now goes out every Tuesday at 7pm. It is a fortnightly show, so the show every second Tuesday is a repeat. You can also listen again to all previous episodes.

The show is also now sponsored by Kerry’s Carpets & Flooring of North Walsham, and a massive thank you to the team at Kerry’s for supporting the programme and the radio station.

Finally, The YouTube channel has had a revamp and is also now featuring a whole bunch of live action videos. More are being added every month with some wacky Stumpy stuff to follow, so please subscribe to, or follow, the channel, which is absolutely free.

Ok, think that’s about it for now. Many thanks for following all things Stumpy, and keep eating those packets of Sugar Smacks…

All the very best