The Players

Goodies & Baddies
From The Stories

(Note to audience – this page may need to be periodically updated as more and more characters are resurrected from Stumpy’s original scribblings and scrawls).

Extended & Honorary Gang Members

Friendly Legends

Mickey (The Mighty Chin) Metcalfe, Turner the Shoe Runner, Middleton the Magnificent, Paul Chambers,
Little Peter Rogers, Billy the Shrimp, Rob the Wrench, Chugger Cartwright, Miss Whitby, Mr Naseby, Miss Harrison, Gentle Gerald. 

Most Recurring Foes

The Milton Sisters


Mrs Critcher, Mr Jensen, Miss Wake, Mr Kemp, Tin Ribs Wilson, Slugger Carson, Gilbert Hay, Austin Blythe,
Smoothie (or Boaster) Hawkins, The Keenan Gang, Old Man Macready, Mr Wheeler, Mr Guthrie, Mrs Devlin, Mr Perry,
Mr Butler, Mr Carter, Pig Buchanan, Slug Bates, Peter the Cruel, Cro-Magnon Craig, The Beckford Boys, Edward King, Justin Hyde.

Supporting Players

Dewdrop Dawson, Stapleforth the Name-Caller.

Other Legends

Slippery Jim Colquhoun, Big Vic Moncrieffe, Miss Esher, Wainwright & Singh, Mr & Mrs Appleby, Mr & Mrs Butterfield, Mr Henderson, Mr & Mrs Sanderson.