First Podcasts Out Now, Other Exciting Developments and Conference Appearance

The first Stumpy podcasts have now been unleashed and are available to listen to on Apple, Spotify and other podcast outlets. They can also be listened to on the Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Stories YouTube channel.

The first stories are ‘The Strange Case of Smiler Morton’, ‘Breaking Old Reliable’, ‘Puffer Suspended!’, and ‘Goodbye, Bendy Henderson’. There is also a Trailer podcast which sets the scene for all the stories. Moving forward, new podcast stories will be released on the last Thursday of every month.

There is plenty of other exciting Stumpy activity planned for the coming months, including a possible Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Stories monthly radio show on local radio, the recording of the next batch of songs by Stumpy Sanderson’s 1970s Acoustic Archive, and the putting together of some initial ideas for some live Stumpy events in 2022.

Also, I have been very kindly invited to talk about some of the Stumpy Sanderson storytelling techniques at the Steel Haven Speaking Conference on November 20th. You can check out details of the event at

Keep watching those episodes of Magpie….

All the best